I needed it this week…

Those Pokemon aren’t going to catch themselves, after all, amiright???

Seriously, though, this was a sickly and difficult week. Monday wasn’t so bad but on Tuesday, I came home from work with a dreadful sore throat and a low-grade fever. I felt pure exhaustion so I lay in my mothers bed with a cool cloth on my head watching Star Trek:  The Next Generation with my little sister. I was in and out and after taking two short naps I went to bed and slept for almost nine hours. I awoke in the morning feeling sort of better. Less tired at least. Still a bit stuffy.

Work wasn’t exactly nightmarish. However, I found myself being faced with my own limitations and mistakes quite a few times, a pastime I do not enjoy all that much. But I had to remind myself again and again that being faced with my own fragility is much more of a blessing than a curse. 

…..But I was able to catch a Scyther as I was leaving work yesterday. But still no Pikachu. 




Today I’m thinking about October, cold weather, how to get over/get through tumultuous feelings and prayer.

October is such a wonderful month. It’s finally fall and finally cold enough to drink hot tea again (one of my favorite pastimes).

But lately I have also been thinking about my own unbelief. When I pray, I don’t follow it up with faith. I don’t consider the fact that God is listening to me and that He will take care of all my needs. I just think to myself, “Well, I’ve done my duty and God will do what He can. In the meantime, I will get right back to worrying because an actively worrying mind is the only way to combat all of the things that I need to accomplish, right?” This is how my mind works, folks.

In the meantime, I have been watching this with Sarah bear and reading this very slowly. I don’t read nearly as fast as I used to before college (which wasn’t that fast to begin with) but I have learned to be okay with that. Reading is a hobby that I love and I decided a while ago that I didn’t want to add pressure to an area of my life that I enjoy because I have enough stress as it is!