Apple is so strange…

I have yet to see too many major differences between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7. There’s the obvious one, I.e. The absence of the Headphone Jack. This is, of course, so that they can sell their new Wireless Earbuds. However, they do apparently give you the option of wired earbuds. But how??? They got rid of the headphone jack??? Well, the earbuds for the iPhone 7 go straight into the charger port. So, you can’t really charge your phone and listen to things at the same time, if you choose to use the wired earbuds.

Apple was also kind enough to include an adaptor with each phone, which you can hook up to the charger port and the other end will connect to other headphones that you may want to use. Also, a lot of headphones nowadays are Bluetooth anyway so this adaptor may be moot (also the Bluetooth headphones are just nice since you don’t have to fuss with the wires). This adaptor adds a couple inches to the phone and it just seems clunky, especially if you’re traveling.

I just feel that the decisions they have made with this phone are rather odd, since they give you an alternate option in case you don’t like their NEW THING. Don’t want to use the wireless earbuds? Use the Lightning jack earbuds we’ve provided, free with your iPhone! Have other earbuds that don’t fit into our weird unique little slot? Use our clunky adaptor! I guess it’s a good thing that they give their users an alternate option in case they don’t like the changes they’ve made. But, if people potentially don’t like the changes they’ve made, then why make them? Was anyone clamoring for wireless earbuds? Did we all hate the earbud jack?

Thankfully, I’m content with my iPhone 6 as it is, earbud jack and all. Even if the new iOS 10 update makes your notifications look all weird and bloated on your home screen…


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