Taking a Break

I don’t go in for long vacations. With my job, it’s difficult for me to take such a long period of time for myself but also I find week long vacations difficult to come back from and I find it even more challenging to adjust back into the regular work flow.

So I prefer to take long weekends here and there. And that’s what I did yesterday and today. I didn’t do much, aside from seeing a movie and dropping my little sister off at a bus station.

I needed the break too. Work has been very hard lately and there have been minor relational struggles in my life here and there that seem insurmountable right now…on top of that, I was beginning to get a dull ache in the left side of my chest every now and then. So, it goes without saying that I may have been letting my anxiety take control. And I needed time for myself so I took it.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get some important things done (helping Mom clean, packing things up, shopping online for a new bed, etc) hopefully.