He Will; He Has

I thought about a potential scary thing that might happen in my future (probably not, but maybe) and I calmed myself with the thought that even though that thing might bring extraordinary pain, God would meet me in my pain and He would use the experience for good.

In all the times when I have struggled with anxiety (many !!), I have been comforted by the fact that God will always be with me when the scary things happen.

But that’s not the end of it, is it?

Because what makes God’s promise even more beautiful is that He already has seen all of the things in my future. The things that will scare me, hurt me, bring me joy, tempt me to stray from Him, remind me of His deep and powerful love.

When I’m tempted to be afraid, He will and has met me there.

Martha’s Top Ten – 2016 movies

2016 was sort of a meh year for movies in my opinion. But here’s 10 that I thought were pretty great. 

10. “Never underestimate the impact of dramatic entrance!”kung-fu-panda-3-dreamworks

9. “I like sand. Sand is squishy.”


8. “My philosophy is, if you worry, you suffer twice.”FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM

7. “If you must blink, do it now.”kubo-and-the-two-strings1

6. “I’ll  be there for you. The Captain says I had to.”

5. “I think I’m invincible. It’s the only thing that makes sense. I don’t think I can die.”niceguy-facebookjumbo-v3

4. “I had another Liam Neeson nightmare. I kidnapped his daughter and he just wasn’t having it. They made three of those movies. At some point you have to wonder if he’s just a bad parent.”deadpool_2016-15

3. “Crazy is building your ark after the flood has already come.”10-cloverfield-lane-image-3

2.“It’s called a hustle, sweetheart.”ZOOTOPIA

1.“You know I’ve had my head tilted up to the stars for as long as I could remember. You know what surprised me the most? It wasn’t meeting them. It was meeting you.”arrivalink-0



Moments (pt 3) – Rogue One edition 

Spoilage for Rogue One after the section break.


Any time K2-SO said anything. That droid could not be tamed.

“Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director.”

Jyn = Galen’s stardust ❤️❤️❤️

Darth Vader’s emo volcano castle complete with smoke machines

Michael Giacchinos score

“I’m not used to people sticking around” 😭😭😭

Wild, crazy, out of control Darth Vader at the end

Moments (pt 2)

Anger is not for me.

I don’t like it. Of all the bad emotions there are, It is the one I find myself the least comfortable with. 

Others, such as, embarrassment, sadness, loneliness, worry… these are ones that are a bit more understandable. 

Anger belongs to the Lord. I wish I could stop trying to grab some for myself.

I never finish anything

I’m truly terrible at time management. Lately, I haven’t carved out enough time to read a book properly. The main distraction behind this has been Gravity Falls, which I have been watching on Hulu after work, when I’m not doing the dishes or shopping for things for the apartment. It’s a little frustrating because I love to read. I just don’t have the fervor that I used to for sitting down and focusing on a book. My primary tactic for overcoming a reading slump is to simply set aside 30 min-1 hr every day where I can just sit and read. That’s still a lot less reading than I used to do but it’s a practice that will hopefully bring focus to my pitiful attention span. 

I’ll let you know how that goes. Right now I’m reading Six of Crows and, let me tell you, it is 👌.

Apple is so strange…

I have yet to see too many major differences between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7. There’s the obvious one, I.e. The absence of the Headphone Jack. This is, of course, so that they can sell their new Wireless Earbuds. However, they do apparently give you the option of wired earbuds. But how??? They got rid of the headphone jack??? Well, the earbuds for the iPhone 7 go straight into the charger port. So, you can’t really charge your phone and listen to things at the same time, if you choose to use the wired earbuds.

Apple was also kind enough to include an adaptor with each phone, which you can hook up to the charger port and the other end will connect to other headphones that you may want to use. Also, a lot of headphones nowadays are Bluetooth anyway so this adaptor may be moot (also the Bluetooth headphones are just nice since you don’t have to fuss with the wires). This adaptor adds a couple inches to the phone and it just seems clunky, especially if you’re traveling.

I just feel that the decisions they have made with this phone are rather odd, since they give you an alternate option in case you don’t like their NEW THING. Don’t want to use the wireless earbuds? Use the Lightning jack earbuds we’ve provided, free with your iPhone! Have other earbuds that don’t fit into our weird unique little slot? Use our clunky adaptor! I guess it’s a good thing that they give their users an alternate option in case they don’t like the changes they’ve made. But, if people potentially don’t like the changes they’ve made, then why make them? Was anyone clamoring for wireless earbuds? Did we all hate the earbud jack?

Thankfully, I’m content with my iPhone 6 as it is, earbud jack and all. Even if the new iOS 10 update makes your notifications look all weird and bloated on your home screen…


I needed it this week…

Those Pokemon aren’t going to catch themselves, after all, amiright???

Seriously, though, this was a sickly and difficult week. Monday wasn’t so bad but on Tuesday, I came home from work with a dreadful sore throat and a low-grade fever. I felt pure exhaustion so I lay in my mothers bed with a cool cloth on my head watching Star Trek:  The Next Generation with my little sister. I was in and out and after taking two short naps I went to bed and slept for almost nine hours. I awoke in the morning feeling sort of better. Less tired at least. Still a bit stuffy.

Work wasn’t exactly nightmarish. However, I found myself being faced with my own limitations and mistakes quite a few times, a pastime I do not enjoy all that much. But I had to remind myself again and again that being faced with my own fragility is much more of a blessing than a curse. 

…..But I was able to catch a Scyther as I was leaving work yesterday. But still no Pikachu. 



Inside is an incredibly pretty game that you should all check out if you have the chance

It’s from the same creators as Limbo and it shares that same eerie vibe. Me, personally, I watched someone play it on YouTube (a valid option if you’re like me and some games you’d rather watch being played than play them yourself) but I highly recommend that you check it out. In whichever format you desire.

Meanwhile, I finished The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty (5/5) and am actively searching for a mattress and box spring

Taking a Break

I don’t go in for long vacations. With my job, it’s difficult for me to take such a long period of time for myself but also I find week long vacations difficult to come back from and I find it even more challenging to adjust back into the regular work flow.

So I prefer to take long weekends here and there. And that’s what I did yesterday and today. I didn’t do much, aside from seeing a movie and dropping my little sister off at a bus station.

I needed the break too. Work has been very hard lately and there have been minor relational struggles in my life here and there that seem insurmountable right now…on top of that, I was beginning to get a dull ache in the left side of my chest every now and then. So, it goes without saying that I may have been letting my anxiety take control. And I needed time for myself so I took it.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get some important things done (helping Mom clean, packing things up, shopping online for a new bed, etc) hopefully.